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Apps to help pet owners

There are some very useful apps that have been designed to help owners look after pets with various diseases including heart problems, epilepsy and diabetes. We'd like to recommend a few of them:
If dogs and cats have heart failure and are on diuretics such as frusemide, we need to monitor their breathing rate very carefully. An app to help do this is called the 'Cardalis' app (Cardalis being a drug we use to treat heart failure in pets). You tap the screen as your dog or cat breathes, and it will calculate its breathing rate (respiratory rate).
If the respiratory rate is higher than expected, you need to contact us immediately so we can give you advice which may include bringing your pet in to the surgery for a check up.
There are 2 diabetes apps: RVC Pet Diabetes app (produced by the Royal Veterinary College) and Pet Diabetes Tracker (produced by drug company MSD).
Both give helpful information and advice about diabetes, and you can record your pet's insulin requirement and health information on them. 
The RVC Pet Epilepsy Tracker is very helpful, again this has been developed by the Royal Veterinary College in London).