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Bunny has Major Surgery

3-year-old Bunny was having severe difficulty breathing. We took an xray of her chest, and also did an ultrasound scan - which showed us why.... 

Bunny had a 'ruptured diaphragm' - we guess she'd been hit by a car at some point, and this had torn her diaphragm. The diaphragm is a muscle which separates the chest from the abdomen, and the tear meant that a lot of Bunny's organs had moved forwards into her chest. 

Surgeon Matt Ingram operated on her - her stomach, intestines, and spleen were all sitting in her chest next to her heart and lungs! So he pulled everything back into her abdomen, stitched up the diaphragm, put in a chest drain and removed all the air that had gone into her chest during the surgery! He then closed her abdomen. 

This is a major operation as you can tell, and Bunny was on a ventilator throughout which breathed for her. Nurse Claire Foster was in charge of her anaesthetic, and did a brilliant job. 

Bunny was able to go home a few days later, having made a fantastic recovery. 

Well done to all involved!