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Cat Behaviour

Do you own more than one cat?
 While some cats get on well together, sometimes there is stress and conflict between them, eg one chasing and picking on another. The latest research, as featured on 'Trust me, I'm a Vet' with behaviour expert Sarah Heath, made the following recommendations:
1. Separate your cats - feed them in total separate places. Choose quiet rooms away from noise where your cat can eat in peace. Give them lots of options of where to sleep, eg beds, blankets and baskets in different locations including high places such as on top of cupboards where they won't feel vulnerable.
2. Buy lots of new toys, and play with your cats - this keeps them busy and happy!
3. Buy pheromone plug-ins such as Feliway. This helps calm stressed cats. 
The three households featured in the show all demonstrated much lower stress levels amongst their cats when they made these changes, with the most helpful one being separating them from each other.