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A very high proportion of our pets have severe dental disease, but owners often don’t realise their pets have bad teeth or gums, as their pets can behave as if nothing is wrong even if their mouth is very uncomfortable. A  survey by Pettura of 2000 UK dog owners found that 88% said they understood the importance of brushing their dog's teeth, yet 53% had never done so! Studies have shown that 80% of dogs suffer from gum disease before they are 3 years old. 

Our dentistry room has many of the features you would find in a human dental practice. We use a similar scaler and polish unit, and we can take xrays of teeth to help assess them fully – just like when you go to the dentist. 

Dentals in our pets almost always involve a full anaesthetic, as we can’t take teeth out or descale teeth in conscious patients. Modern anaesthetics such as the ones we use here at Alfreton Park are very low risk, and the benefits to our patients of a pain-free mouth can be enormous. The anaesthetics are monitored with the same care and attention to detail as for animals in theatre.

Our team of vets and nurses can offer lots of help and advice to help your pet avoid a trip to the dentistry room! 


Campbell, before his dental (lots of loose and tartared front teeth)..... then after

He's had a lot of teeth taken out, his gums have healed really well and his mouth is a lot more comfortable (and smells much better!!)


This 2-year-old Yorkshire terrier has some baby teeth that should have fallen out when she was around 6 months old, the blue arrow is pointing to the baby tooth, the yellow arrow is showing the adult tooth. We removed the baby tooth under anaesthetic. 

Do you know what Flea Dirts look like?

Do you know what Flea Dirts look like?

These are flea dirts in the fur of a cat. We are seeing this a lot at the moment. Please click on the photo to find out more about fleas and how to control them.

"This is a Super Practice"

"This is a Super Practice" - the verdict of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons after they inspected our Practice. Click on the photo for more details!



All dogs and cats should be microchipped, and it's compulsory for all dogs over the age of 8 weeks. It's very important to keep your contact details up to date eg if you move house. Please click the photo for more information about microchips. It costs just £12 for us to chip your pet.

Time for a Treat?

Time for a Treat?

Do you give treats to your pet? 86% of use do - check our handy guide to see which treats to avoid, and which you can give with a clear conscience!