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Finn's Law set to become Law

We would like to share some wonderful news with you about Finn's Law - from 8th June, the Animal Welfare Act will be amended to protect police dogs and horses whilst on duty in England and Wales. 

Finn is a police dog who bravely protected his handler from an attacker armed with a knife in 2016 - Finn was stabbed twice, and nearly died. At the time there was no law to protect police animals, so his attacker walked away with almost no penalty, despite nearly killing Finn. 

Closer to home, Axle, another police dog, was stabbed in Riddings last July - again, the assailant could not be charged for attacking a police dog. 

Finn's handler Dave Wardell and many other supporters have campaigned since then for police animals to be protected, and Finn's Law is now set to become law. 

As one of the practices trusted with the veterinary care of Derbyshire police dogs, we are obviously delighted with this development. Congratulations to all those involved in bringing this about for their hard work and perseverance.

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