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Fleas - our recommendations for flea control

 We are seeing more and more pets with fleas, so now is a good time to start treating them for fleas.
The good news is that there are some really effective flea products available now. Here are our top recommendations:
For cats, there's a tablet which lasts a month, and is extremely effective, killing fleas within a few hours. The cat whose paw is shown below had loads of fleas, these photos were taken only 3 hours after the flea tablet was given - there are dead fleas on its paws, and lots of dead fleas in its bedding.
If you don't fancy giving tablets, there's also a new spot-on product which lasts 3 months - if you did it now, you wouldn't need to repeat it until mid-August! It also kills ticks.  This is on offer, so if you buy 3 doses in a year, the fourth dose is free.
For dogs, there's a chewy tasty tablet which lasts 3 months, and also kills ticks. This is a great choice, it's easy to give and highly effective. This is on offer, if you buy 3 tablets in a year, the fourth dose is free.
For more information about fleas, see the 'flea' section on our website, click here

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