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Gillie - minus his Spleen!

When Gillie came in for a routine visit recently, vet Matt Ingram realised Gillie had a lump in his abdomen. An ultrasound scan confirmed that lump was in his spleen. We operated to remove Gillie's spleen, and we are pleased to say that Gillie has made a full recovery. 

We tend to remove spleens if they have a lump, for 2 reasons - firstly, the lump could be cancerous, so removing it may well save the dog's life; and secondly because the lump can rupture and bleed at any time, which can be life threatening. 

Happily Gillie's lump wasn't cancerous which is great news. It's the second big operation he's had - he had heart surgery when he was a puppy as he was born with a heart problem. He's a lucky lad!