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Grass Awn Alert!

It's the time of year when we see problems with grass awns:
Pets get them stuck in their ears, between their toes, even in their eyes and gums.  They pick them up from walking/running in long grass.
In the past week alone, we've removed one from a dog's foot (it had buried its way in between the dog's toes), and from a cat's eye. The picture below is the grass awn removed from the dog:
The dog had been licking its paw, so the fur had come away in the area. The foot was sore, red and swollen, with pus coming out of a hole between two toes. 

If your pet goes into long grass eg during a dog walk, please check them over when you get them home.  Look in their ears, and check their feet, particularly if they have long fur.
If your dog walks through long grass then starts frantically scratching at its ear, it could have a grass seed, so please check them over, or bring them in for us to have a look.