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Heart Murmur Recording at Alfreton Park

We had a visit from Prof Malcolm Cobb of the University of Nottingham last week. Malcolm teaches the Nottingham vet students about hearts and heart disease, and he was keen to record some heart murmurs from dogs to help him teach the students. 

So on Tuesday evening, ten owners whose dogs have heart murmurs came along to the surgery so that Malcolm could record the murmurs - he used an electronic stethoscope, pictured below, which is held onto the chest. This sends a bluetooth signal to the iPad which records the murmur, and shows it as a green trace on the screen. 

Many many thanks to Tess, Lolo, Lucy, Smudge, Elwood, Lester, Susie, Molly, Kizzy and Lottie and their very dedicated owners for coming along and helping us out. We really appreciate your help. 

Pictured is Malcolm recording Smudge's murmur.