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Is Your Dog Itchy?

At this time of year, we see lots of itchy pets - they will scratch themselves, lick excessively and their skins can get very red and inflamed. Their paws can become orange from their saliva from excess licking. 

There are lots of reasons why our pets get itchy, the most common reasons are flea and skin allergies. 

Fortunately our dermatologist Carole Hopkinson has advanced training to help our itchy patients. 

There are many excellent products to help treat them. Special shampoos can help with secondary bacterial and yeast infections, and we have excellent flea products that will kill fleas for 3 months with just one tablet or spot on. 

We also have some excellent treatments for allergic skin disease - there's a daily tablet, and also a monthly injection which has been voted 'Best New Product' in a recent poll. 

So if your pet is scratching or licking, please contact us - we'd love to help them.