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Keyhole Surgery - is your dog suitable?

Matt and Nick have been doing keyhole surgery (or lap spey as it's called) to spey female dogs for the past four years, and have done over 400 operations between them. Lap speying involves making 2 small holes rather than a wound along the midline of the dog's tummy. They recover quicker and are more comfortable with this technique compared to conventional surgery. 

We are often asked how big a dog should be to be lap speyed - the smallest dog we would normally consider speying keyhole would be about 5kg (12lb) but it depends a bit on the size and shape of the dog, not just the weight. 

For more information about keyhole surgery, please see our website page:

Daisy was recently speyed keyhole by us, she's an Akita x Rottweiler, and recovered amazingly quickly after her operation.