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Keyhole Surgery

Keyhole (Laparoscopic) Surgery

Human surgery often involves doing keyhole surgery eg for appendix removal and gall stones, rather than traditional surgery. We are delighted to be able to offer this service as a ‘gold standard’ for bitch speys plus other procedures such as removing retained testicles, liver biopsies and more.

For bitch speys, this involves making smaller wounds and using endoscopes to look inside the body, then removing the ovaries via the little holes!

Smaller wounds and less trauma to body tissues mean less pain (up to 65% less pain according to one study from 2005) and quicker recovery times.

Our vets Matt Ingram and Nick Pine perform our keyhole surgery here, having undergone additional training, so that your pets can be offered the very latest and modern techniques available at Alfreton Park. They have been doing laparoscopic speys since December 2014, and have now done over 330. Please note that there is an additional charge for this to cover the extra cost incurred. 

What do our clients think?

Feedback has been fantastic, with owners reporting that their pets have recovered very quickly. 
"Our whippet recovered within a day, we couldn't believe how fast she recovered. We would recommend keyhole surgery without a shadow of a doubt"
Mrs Wainwright, August 2018
"Nothing but praise for Bella's lap spey, would recommend to anyone. Nurse Maxine was very reassuring when we dropped her off"
Mrs Hallowes, January 2017
"So happy with the care my Labrador received when she had her lap spey"
Mrs Whittam, December 2017

"Our dog Bernie had a lap spey on Monday, she didn't seem in any pain afterwards, and by Tuesday was back to her very enthusiastic self. He recovery was extremely rapid. We would very highly recommend, it was worth every penny of the extra cost. I am a neurotic pet owner and it took the anxiety away!"

Mrs Harris, November 2016

"Wouldn't hesitate to recommend. We had heard how quick the recovery was but were really surprised by how quickly Daisy (our Pug) bounced back. Nice neat clip and small incisions."

Mrs Pegg 2016

"We chose the lap spey over the traditional way as Millie is such a lively character. She was bouncing around as normal when we collected her after the surgery and didn't seem to know anything had happened. Would recommend. Be prepared for a large area of clipped fur though!"

Mrs Burrows, 2016

Do you know what Flea Dirts look like?

Do you know what Flea Dirts look like?

These are flea dirts in the fur of a cat. We are seeing this a lot at the moment. Please click on the photo to find out more about fleas and how to control them.

"This is a Super Practice"

"This is a Super Practice" - the verdict of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons after they inspected our Practice. Click on the photo for more details!



All dogs and cats should be microchipped, and it's compulsory for all dogs over the age of 8 weeks. It's very important to keep your contact details up to date eg if you move house. Please click the photo for more information about microchips. It costs just £12 for us to chip your pet.

Time for a Treat?

Time for a Treat?

Do you give treats to your pet? 86% of use do - check our handy guide to see which treats to avoid, and which you can give with a clear conscience!