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Meet Poppy, a very special dog

This gorgeous Staffie is Poppy, she's 18 months old and she came to her owner from the RSPCA, having been found tied up outside a shop. As you can see from the photo, she has a malformed left fore paw (which is likely to have been like this since birth) but it doesn't stop her having a very happy and active life.
Poppy is a very special dog for another reason as well. Poppy's owner was injured in an incident at work last year which left her with severe head injuries, and she was unable to speak. The owner realised she had to communicate with Poppy, and this need to talk to Poppy helped her recover the ability to speak. Thankfully the owner is almost fully recovered now, and she is eternally grateful to Poppy for helping her to recover.
What a lovely dog, and what a fabulous story.