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Oscar's Life Saved by Pet Blood Bank Donor

This gorgeous boy is Oscar: 

Oscar started feeling very unwell last Thursday, so his owner rushed him down to the surgery in the afternoon. Vet Matt Ingram quickly realised he was bleeding internally, and an ultrasound scan showed that he had a growth on his spleen which had ruptured. 

Oscar needed immediate surgery to remove his spleen, but he also needed a blood transfusion to replace the blood he was losing into his tummy. 

Fortunately for Oscar, the Pet Blood Bank were at the surgery that very day, collecting blood from donor dogs owned by clients of the practice. They were able to supply Oscar with a unit of blood which had literally just been taken from the donor! This was given to Oscar, and Matt operated on him straight away to remove his spleen. 

The surgery went extremely well, and the photo shows Oscar the day after surgery. He came in today to have his stitches removed, and is feeling very much better. 

Our grateful thanks go to the Pet Blood Bank, and the owners and their dogs who give their time and blood to help save the lives of others. 

If you would like your dog to give blood, please read more about it here