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Rabbit Awareness Week - Dental Disease

Today's post for Rabbit Awareness Week highlights dental disease in rabbits. 

Rabbits have 4 front (incisor) teeth, 2 at the top and 2 at the bottom. They grow constantly and are kept short by wearing down against each other. Unfortunately sometimes the teeth don't line up properly and don't meet in the middle - hence the teeth become really long and stop the rabbit being able to eat. 

This most commonly occurs in rabbits fed on muesli food, so the best way to prevent dental disease is to feed your rabbit on a pelleted (nugget) food and plenty of hay. 

Rabbits also have cheek teeth, these can develop spurs which grow into the cheek or tongue. Signs to look out for include not eating/weight loss, drooling, and blood coming from the mouth. If you are concerned about your rabbit, please bring them in for a check over