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Ragdoll back home - get them chipped, and scan a stray!

We have a lovely story to share with you today. Ragdoll had been missing from her house in Codnor for nearly 2 months, and had somehow got to Ripley, where she was hanging around in the garden of one of our clients.

The client was at our practice in Alfreton with her own cat, and mentioned she'd been feeding a 'stray'. We arranged for the cat to be scanned for a microchip, and sure enough this told us that the cat was Ragdoll. The owner collected her from Ripley later that same evening.

For this wonderful reunion, 3 things had to happen:
1. Ragdoll was microchipped.
2. Ragdoll's microchip details were up to date, so her owner could be contacted.
3. The lady feeding this 'stray' made sure Ragdoll was scanned!

So our take home messages are:
1. PLEASE have your cat microchipped.
2. Keep the details updated (especially the phone number).
3. If you are feeding a 'stray', please take them to a vet or rescue centre to be scanned - they might be lost, like Ragdoll, with a worried family missing them dearly. This is free, and might just get a lost cat back to its family