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Royal College Report: This is a Super Practice

We were recently inspected by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, as part of their Practice Standards Scheme. This scheme is voluntary, but is designed to ensure practices in the UK meet certain standards - practices can be Core, General Practice or Hospital.
Because we are a hospital, we have to show we meet the highest possible standards over a wide variety of categories, comprising 200 pages of requirements.
 The inspector, Mr Ashcroft, came to visit recently, and was very impressed! His report contained the following comments: 
'This is a super practice'. 
'Very well maintained, the building appeared virtually as new as a result of annual redecoration and ongoing maintenance'.
'The design works extremely well as a hospital'
'The waiting area was well organised for species separation'
 'The wards were spacious, bright, and provide excellent accomodation for in-patients'
'There was strong evidence of a desire to constantly improve and share knowledge, with an ethos of ongoing improvement'
'Internal referrals allow individual professional progression and quality client service and patient care'
In the 'Recommendations' section, Mr Ashcroft says:
'There is very little to add that could be improved here'!
We are delighted to receive such a ringing endorsement from our governing body, and would like to thank our staff for their hard work and dedication.