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Shocking Survey: High Levels of Illness in Puppies Bought Online

A recently published survey has found that almost half of puppies bought online, without being seen first by their new owners, fall sick, and around one in five develop serious health problems. The survey was conducted for the Kennel Club.
The authors conclude that modern puppy-buying habits are contributing towards a welfare crisis, with puppies being sold online or from newspaper adverts being bought by people who decided to get a puppy on the spur of the moment, and choosing their dog solely because of the way it looked. They also claim people are not prepared for the associated financial costs of a sick puppy. 
Please bear these findings in mind if you are looking for a puppy. Always see the puppy and its mother first, in its breeding environment before committing to buying it. You may unknowingly be supporting puppy farming otherwise. It is helpful to use a reputable breeder, such as a Kennel Club assured breeder or a rescue organisation, and know what to look out for.