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Thank you to our Nursing Team

We want to say a great big thank you to all our fantastic Veterinary Nurses! Not many people understand what a Veterinary nurse does but they are an integral part of any good veterinary practice and they play a critical role in patient care. They train for years, and continually update their skills and qualifications. 

They assist in complex surgeries, carefully monitoring the vital signs of your pet while they’re under anaesthesia. 

A veterinary nurse provides aftercare for your convalescing pet, keeping them warm, helping them eat and most importantly giving them love and cuddles when they are feeling scared. They get bitten, clawed and scratched on a daily basis and yet still care passionately about their job. 

When your pet is sick, vomiting or has lost control of its bladder or bowels, it’s the vet nurse who generally gets covered in the mess! It’s a very tough job, it’s stressful both emotionally and physically. Yet our vet nurses do it day after day, with grace and humour while still managing to retain that all important empathy and compassion for the animals they care for. 

Surveys show that human nurses are the most respected and admired of any profession. We should recognise that our vet nurses bring the same dedication and commitment to the care of animals. Vet nurses do what they do because they love animals and they love their job. We hope that when your pet has been in our care, you take a minute to remember the vital role they play in keeping your furry friends healthy and happy. 

Thank you to our wonderful nurses.