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The Importance of Worming Puppies!

Meet Beau! She belongs to our Veterinary Nurse Tash. She has been in for her vaccines and to be wormed.
Puppies are born with roundworms, they get them from their mum via the placenta and through the milk. They can produce large numbers of worm eggs in their motions - the eggs are too small to be seen by the human eye, so if you can't see worms, it doesn't mean your puppy hasn't got them.
Puppies need to be wormed once monthly until they are 6 months old and it is important to use a wormer which kills all worms, including lungworm, a deadly parasite spread by slugs and snails. Puppies like Beau often chew things in the garden that slugs and snails have been on so are at increased risk of lungworm, but all dogs can become infected making worming potentially life saving.
If you would like any advice about worming your pet, please contact our reception on 01773 832218.