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When is an Emergency not an Emergency??

Vets in the UK provide emergency care for their patients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. At Alfreton Park Veterinary Hospital, our 'out of hours' care is provided by Vets Now, who work at our surgery but are a separate company. Their team of vets will see your pet at our surgery and are specially trained in emergency care. 

But have you ever wondered what is a medical emergency? A recent survey of 1000 phone calls to an emergency practice in the West Mids showed that: 

4% of calls were for pets choking or having breathing problems; 
14% were for bleeding/wounds; 
5% were for poisoning/eating something they shouldn't; 
10% for shock/collapse/problems giving birth; 
4% for fits/seizures; 
4% for broken bones, injuries and burns; 
4% eye problems. 

The other 55% of the calls were non-emergency calls.

Surveys like this are very helpful so vets can have more idea what emergencies might be coming their way, and allows telephone personnel to triage calls. 

The bottom line is: If you are worried about your pet, please phone the surgery for help and advice, we are here to help!