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Are you taking the threat of worms seriously?

Worms in dogs can be a serious health concern, both to your pet and you.
There are 3 types of worms - roundworms, tapeworms and lungworm. 
Of these, roundworms and tapeworms are the biggest threat to you, but lungworm (spread by slugs and snails) is the biggest threat to your dog and can be kill them.
So when you worm your dog, use a wormer that will kill ALL THREE types of worms. 
Did you know?
34 million Toxacara (roundworm) eggs are released by dogs per square kilometer per day. This is the worm that can cause blindness in children by migrating to their eyes. This worm is produced in huge numbers by puppies.
One type of tapeworm (Taenia hydatigena) can reach 5m in length.
The numbers of urban foxes affected by lungworm has increased 4 fold in the last 20 years - which may explain the rise in numbers of dogs developing  lungworm. This practice knows of 2 dogs living locally who have died of lungworm, which is spread by slugs and snails.
Please ask us for the most up-to-date products you should be using to worm your dog. It's just not worth the risk to your health or that of your furry friend by not using a good wormer at the correct interval.